Northern Valentine's "Influential Playlist" - (7TRAX) - March 2015
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Interview by Girls Sold Out - (UK Blog) - March 2010
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Interviews by Brian John Mitchell - (Silber Media / QRD Zine)

February 2008
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March 2009
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January 2011
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Interview excerpt by Timothy Gabriele - Origivation Magazine - September 2007

"...Northern Valentine inhabit an astral space that moves beyond the eardrum
and sets its controls for the heart of the cerebral cortex. Their music goes beyond
the temporal to peak at the eternal. Despite the psychedelic tinges of collective nostalgia,
the experience of listening to a Northern Valentine record is deeply personal.
You can hear the memories carved into each track and relate them to your own as well.


Chuck van Zyl - (Stars End Radio / WXPN)

Jason Morehead - (

Jon Gordon - (Tasty Fanzine UK)

(Bliss Aquamarine)

(Beach Sloth)

Mark S. Tucker - (Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange)

Rok Podgrajsek - (The Rocktologist)

Erick Mertz - (Kevchino)

(Side-Line Music Magazine)

Adam Pearson - (KZSU-FM / Stanford University)

Jeff Penczak - (Terrascope Online)

Monsieur Delire

Indie Bands Blog

Frans de Waard - ( / Vital Weekly)

Norman Records

DJ Astro - (Psychedelic Music Club)

Matt Howarth - (Sonic Curiosity)

Olav Martin Bjørnsen - (House of Prog)

Beach Sloth

Claudio Baroni

Joseph Kyle - (DaggerZine)

(Culture Is Not Your Friend)

Phil McMullen - (Terrascope Online)

Ned Raggett - (Billboard / AllMusic)

Michael Lutomski - (The Silent Ballet)

Jeff Penczak - (Foxy Digitalis)

(Aquarius Records)

Jon Gordon - (Delusions of Adequacy)

Ray Miri - (


(Bad Acid - Tab#9)

Matt Shimmer - (Indieville)

Kenyon Hopkin - (Advance Copy)

Doug Wallen - (Philadelphia Weekly)

Eric Hill - (

Matt Howarth - (Sonic Curiosity)


(Dagger Zine)


(Typing Monkey)

Alessandro Bonetti - (Kronic)

Michael Byrne - (Left Hip Magazine)

Dave Heaton - (Erasing Clouds)

Kerry Leimer - (Amazon)


Matthew Johnson - (Grave Concerns E-Zine)

(Broken Face)

( /

Ned Raggett - (Billboard / AllMusic)

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine - (Delusions of Adequacy)

(Delusions of Adequacy)

Zac Keiller - (Foxy Digitalis)