Fin de siecle // CD + Bandcamp + iTunes

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The second full length album from Northern Valentine since the 2008 debut on Silber Records...
Fin de siecle is composed of music spanning the existence and alternating members of the collective, since 1998.

The music has maintained a carefree, drifting style represented on previous releases; blending some early studio improvisations like Sink/Rise and The White Mountains with live improvisations, Black Rose and Fin de siecle, which were handpicked from live performances.

Mark S. Tucker [Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange] describes this album as..."slow, languorous waves of overlapping tones and progressions that narcotize, invoking a deep sense of catharsis, of subtle release of worldly tensions. At times drear and foggy, then suffused and radiant...meditational in the best notion...a map of inner worlds and the vastness of the inky gulf, an ether to drift off into. If you fall asleep while listening, you're going to have some interesting dreams, but you'll also miss subtle happenstances fading in and out of each composition.

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Rue dAuseil (6:16)
Black Rose (4:24)
Thousand Eyes (7:14)
Sink / Rise (2:18)
Fin de siecle (14:12)
The White Mountains (4:06) [low-fi MP3]
Release (7:15)


The Distance Brings Us Closer // CD + DOWNLOAD + iTunes //
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The most globally known Northern Valentine album to features improvised, dark drones and gentle noises drifting over a 48 minute psychedelic journey, in collaboration with Ben Fleury-Steiner.

Jeff Penczak [Foxy Digitalis] writes of this album..."[it] delivers a sense of floating in space or a communion with nature where the listener is enveloped in clouds of billowing sonics. The imagination can run wild creating images to accompany this ambient soundtrack...In sum, an awesomely hypnotic listening experience."


Born Yesterday (15:19)
Dies Solis (6:29)
Dimanche (8:24)
Escaping Light (6:20)
Already Gone (8:59)


Rusted Gates (Volume 1), "Leopard's Mouth"

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This is the first release in the field recording series, known as "Rusted Gates", which was launched in 2005. It features material recorded from 2004-2005, in hallways, closets, freezers, elevators and other found spaces within an abandoned sanitarium.

It is a combination of soundscapes and sound art that became the soundtrack to the Northern Valentine film "Leopard's Mouth", which was created four years after the original recording, and debuted as a live audio-visual performance, in 2009 at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Though the physical copies of this recording are out of print, the "deluxe" Bandcamp download edition of this recording comes with 20 screen production stills, "behind the scenes" photos from the making of the Leopard's Mouth recording and film, and a video excerpt of a 5 minute segment of the song "Leopard's Mouth", as it was performed at Eastern State Penitentiary, during the Philly Fringe Festival.


Broken Connections (1:08)
Distant Ships (7:41)
Leopard's Blues (1:58)
Water, Like a Knife (3:28)
Whispering Reverse (The Descent) (5:17)
Afternoon Tea (1:27)
Signal Fire (7:19)
Machines Are Crying (5:37)
The Desert Mile (3:18)
Leopard's Mouth (12:53)
Medication (1:28)
16 Days (0:07)
Holding Us Together (6:30)                                                                                                                                            

Leopard's Mouth - Trailer

Trailer for Leopard's Mouth...Philly Fringe Festival / September 2009:


Juno // $1.00 DOWNLOAD //

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This Ep is Northern Valentine's entry into the Silber Records series of "5 songs in 5 minutes". The series is designed to give artists an opportunity (and excuse) to do something fun and a little bit different from their usual body of work. It is featured on the Silber Records website alongside upcoming Ep releases from Rllrbll, Sarah June, From Oceans to Autumn, Drekka, Electric Bird Noise, Feel No Other, Small Life Form, Fornever, Baptizer, & more:


Absence of Light (2:03)
- crawling - (:10)
Juno (1:00)
- crawling - (0:20)
Absence of Light (reprise) (1:27)

Ribbons // FREE DOWNLOAD //

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This Ep is a companion recording to the 2012 Northern Valentine album, Fin de siecle.

It features an older song, Ribbons, which is an incredibly sublime improvised moment that was recorded on battery powered gear during a massive storm that knocked out power for a few days, and two pieces that have been major themes of 2010-2011 Northern Valentine performances; including a version of the song Night Bloom which was culled from several performances, and the drifting epic Last Train, 3 AM, which was improvised and recorded live at the Pocono Skies Festival in 2010.


Ribbons (4:35)
Night Bloom (9:59)
Last Train, 3:00 AM (19:53)

The Lying Eyes of the Moth
// 3" CD-R [OUT OF PRINT] / $3.33 - DOWNLOAD //

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This EP is made up of a 20 minute piece of layered and looped guitar, and is part of the Drone/Drift series released by the Texan independent record label, Lo Bango Sound.

The physical copies of this recording were available as a limited edition 3" CD-R at live Northern Valentine performances. It can now be purchased digitally through Lo Bango Sound and Bandcamp.


The Lying Eyes of the Moth (20:00)

Stars Whisper // FREE DOWNLOAD //

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This ep features three live, improvised songs recorded in Philadelphia, shortly after the release of The Distance Brings Us Closer. It continues to develop ambient sounds and explorations of modern psychedelia through blissed-out guitars, keyboards used as percussion, long ringing bass notes, samples stretched beyond their limits, disassembled wind instruments, electronic toys, pellets, shells, and other electro-acoustic elements.

George Parsons [Dream Magazine] describes the three pieces of this ep as...
"Chilly spacious distance with random muted industrial movements in dense fog. full & shrouded in supernatural mystery. Cold empathic visions of the beginnings & endings of the universe. Subtly warm reassurances of far away factories humming with artificial life. Ice as far as the eye can see, the wind murmurs like ghosts".


Perseus (3:42)
With the Stars (9:38)
We Walk Together Through a Whisper (7:41)


Northern Valentine and P.D. Wilder // iTunes //
// CD [OUT OF PRINT] / $9.99 - iTunes //

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In 2008, Ned Raggett [AllMusic / Billboard] reviewed this disc, made up of collaborations from two 2007 performances, and two solo works from NV and PD respectively:

"This self-titled release is more of a duo effort in the end...only Northern Valentine's core figure Robert Brown appears from that band; he and Wilder each contribute two solo pieces plus two full collaborations.

Brown's solo works start the disc, with "Animals of the Dead" suggesting early Aphex Twin at his most serene but still tuneful, a core melody providing the gentle base. "Solar Wind" is less remarkable in comparison, a moody enough collage of buried rhythms and zones. As for the two joint efforts, "Untitled #1" attractively meshes what almost sounds like a rhythmic bird call with softly cascading feedback sprawl, delicate rather than crushing, while "Untitled #2" is minimal to the extreme, a nearly subharmonic blend of the quietest of pulses and slippery, shadowy tones and clipped crackle that slowly rise in volume as the track continues. On the whole, the disc is captivating for those inclined to the approach."


Animals of the Dead [NV] (12:30)
Solar Wind [NV] (4:30)
Untitled #1 [NV+PD] (12:20)
Untitled #2 [NV+PD] (21:50)
AMX Actic [PD] (4:30)
Ballet [PD] (12:30)


Clear Field // FREE DOWNLOAD //

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In August of 2008 Brian John Mitchell of Remora, Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton and Robert Brown of Northern Valentine collaborated on what has come to be known as the Clear Field recordings. Nicholas and Brian were in the studio working on a series of film recordings when, while on tour, Robert stopped in for an impromptu session, with Mitchell and Brown on guitars and Slaton engineering while playing bass and electronics...several hours of music were recorded.

The Clear Field recordings are a unique combination of elements of all three projects. You hear the loops and aggression of Remora, the shimmering, glacial guitars of Northern Valentine, and the orchestrated glitch and deep bass tones of slicnaton. While hearing all three individual musicians, it still is clearly a collaboration of the three rather than one of the projects with two special guests; it is a unique sound of its own.

Thousand-Faced Moon has an underwater ambient sound, with a build of tension and pressure as a capsized ship sinks. Curiosity Makes You Irresponsible is the noisiest track, sounding a bit like listening to a Brian Eno album while navigating a war field. Slightly Quicker Rotation goes from glitchy loops to guitar improvisation to a darkwave groove and into aggressive ambient before working itself and the whole album back down.


Thousand Faced Moon (12:12)
Curiosity Makes You Irresponsible (11:58)
Slightly Quicker Rotation (20:44)

close/r // DOWNLOAD //
[Name Your Price]

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Jon Attwood, aka Yellow6, came up with this collaboration sustain the same chord progression over an entire disc, with guest performers adding parts to different segments along the way. Robert Brown, from Northern Valentine, is included in a segment of the third performance on this album.

The CD is out of print, but the recording is available through Bandcamp.


close/r one (29:40)
      fraser mcgowan / rhodes and tape delay
      david newlyn / piano

close/r two (26:37)
      absent without leave / e-bow, reverse guitar
      konntinent / voice and guitar
      kevin hufnagel / guitar
      stafraenn hakon / beats, guitar, bass, rhodes
      scott sinfield / drums, synth, guitar glitches

close/r three (18:42)
      winterlight / guitar, keyboards, beats
      northern valentine / voice and guitar
      aurore picavet / voices


QRD - The Guitarists
// MP3 + E-BOOK // DOWNLOAD //

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QRD - The Guitarists is a massive 55 song compilation of tracks from guitarists, spanning ambient, folk, drone, jazz, metal and noise music.

It also features a 2,300+ page e-book of interviews with a host of international guitarists.

Tracklisting and e-book includes music and interviews from:

Alan Sparhawk (Low), Mason Jones (SubArachnoid Space, Numinous Eye), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Jon Atwood (Yellow6), and more, including an interview and a song by Robert of Northern Valentine, entitled the decline

the decline (4:40)

Dreamland Recordings Presents: Around

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Around is a compilation from Australian label, Dreamland Recordings, and it features 37 new and unreleased songs from international artists.

Tracklisting includes music from:

Luke Sutherland (Mogwai), Landing, Lawrence Chandler (Bowery Electric), Keith Levene (PiL), A Death Cinematic, Yellow6, and more, including the Northern Valentine song, The Rift

The Rift (5:58)

Animal Rescue, Volume 2
// CD // DOWNLOAD //
[Out of Print]

Animal Rescue, Volume 2, is a Patetico Recordings compilation that raises money to benefit animals in need, and community rescue organizations, through

Tracklisting, over the two volumes, includes music from:

A Place To Bury Strangers, Psiconautas, Electric Mailine, Ten Million Miles, Highspire, Solar Temple Suicides, and many more, including the Northern Valentine song, Rue dAuseil

Rue dAuseil (6:16)

Gone in 60 Seconds - I Heart Noise Compilation

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This compilation is made up of a 36 songs, each approximately 1 minute in length. It is available as a free download through I Heart Noise and Bandcamp, and features music from all over the world.

Tracklisting includes music from:

Harvey Girls, Remora, Dead Leaf Echo, Drone Forest, and more, including the Northern Valentine song, Grey Eminence

Grey Eminence (1:00)

Winterizing - A Silber Christmas Compilation

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The Silber Records 2008 Christmas compilation...featuring 26 tracks of Norwegian folk, indie ambient, shoegaze, aggressive ambient and electro-acoustic music.

Tracklisting includes music from:

Hotel Hotel, Andrew Weathers, Goddakk, Moodring, Remora, Moral Crayfish, and many more, including the Northern Valentine song, Present Past

Present Past (3:53)

White Silber - A Cold Slow Xmas

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The Silber Records 2009 Christmas compilation...featuring 25 tracks representing the Silber Records roster and the 919Noise scene; covering noise, beats, slowcore, found sounds, guitar walls, and occasionally things that could pass for rock and roll.

Tracklisting includes music from:

Aarktica, Charles Atlas, Andrew Weathers, This Quiet Army, Carta, Yellow6 and many more, including the Northern Valentine song, The White Mountains

The White Mountains (4:03)

electro-music 2010 // CD //
[Out of Print]

Compilation of songs from artists who performed at Electro-Music 2010 Festival in Huguenot, NY.

Tracklisting includes music from:

Richard Lainhart, SPITZNAGEL, Joo Won Park, and more, including the Northern Valentine song, Rue dAuseil

Rue dAuseil (6:16)


Northern Valentine - (Live @ New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts - 2011)

shortened version of the Northern Valentine song "Thousand Eyes",
filmed and edited by Northern Valentine.

Northern Valentine - (Live @ New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts - 2011)

1 minute clip of the Northern Valentine song "Thousand Eyes",
filmed by a festival attendee.

Northern Valentine - (Live @ Electro-Music Festival - 2011)

Northern Valentine perform a version of their song Night Bloom at
Electro-Music Festival 2011.

The performance was cut short by about 9 minutes, when the power went out.
It killed the audio and film, but not the video below!

2011.09.10 13:00 / Northern Valentine @ Electro-Music 2011
from Steve Mokris on Vimeo

Northern Valentine - (Live @ Market Market - Rosendale, NY - 2011)

10 minute clip of a version of the Northern Valentine song Night Bloom,
filmed by a fan.

Northern Valentine and P.D. Wilder - (Live)

Below is footage from an improvised recording between Robert from Northern Valentine and P.D. Wilder from Hotel Hotel. This was filmed at The Khyber (Philadelphia) on June 2nd, 2009.

Northern Valentine - (Live @ Eastern State Penitentiary - 2009)

Below is an excerpt of northern valentine performing their live soundtrack to their film "Leopard's Mouth" at historic Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia) on
September 5th, 2009.

Leopard's Mouth - Trailer

Here is the trailer for the Northern Valentine film, Leopard's Mouth, which debuted at the Philly Fringe Festival in September 2009. Read after the trailer for more information on the film.

2009 Philly Fringe Festival Performances

Northern Valentine presents
"Rusted Gates, Volume 1 - Leopard's Mouth"
a multimedia performance of film, music and sound art

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Saturday, September 12, 2009

In September 2009, Northern Valentine debuted their first multimedia performance, entitled "Rusted Gates, Volume 1 - Leopard's Mouth", as part of the 2009 Philly Fringe Festival.

The performance consisted of an original film (appropriately titled "Leopard's Mouth") that they produced, and original, improvisational music and sound art, which they performed as a live soundtrack for the film.

Eastern State Penitentiary hosted the first performance on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at 8:30 pm, and The First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia hosted two performances in their small chapel on Saturday, September 12th, 2009, at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

"Leopard's Mouth" is the first film by the collective and it is a companion piece for their album of the same title, which was re-released by Ben Fleury-Steiner on Gears of Sand Recordings in 2008.

The story focuses on a young man, named Leopard, who is committed to a sanitarium. Leopard sinks deeper into his surroundings and comes to embrace his new environment, where he becomes interested in a young nurse at the facility. He delves deep into his mind, where he creates a more favorable reality that, at first, offers an escape, but soon turns against him as the world outside his mind keeps seeping into his fantasy. The film chronicles the journey through Leopard's delusions and reality as he struggles to regain purpose and meaning.